1. Introduction of Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University

Zhongnan Hospital of Wuhan University, a comprehensive hospital with 3300 licensed beds, was founded in 1956. It is located by the side of East Lake in adjacent to Han Street, the central culture district of Wuhan. The hospital is proud of its distinguished medical experts, which includes over 500 senior professionals, among them there are 59 PhD supervisors, 204 postgraduate supervisors, 22 Special Government Allowances Receivers from China’s State Council, 8 Medical Leading Talents of Hubei Province, 4 Luojia Outstanding Scholars of Wuhan University, and 2 Luojia distinguished professors of Wuhan University.

Guided by the Communist Party of China, the hospital has experienced rapid development by pushing forward strategy of innovation-driven development and talent priority. Placed 65 in 2017 China’s Hospital Ranking and 30 in academic influence ranking, the hospital stepped in the fatest-improving hospital list. For 3 years, the hospital was consecutively ranked top 100 in the ranking of science and technology influence. In 2016, it was the initiating unit of key special project of national key R&D initiative. Based on Zhongnan Hospital, Human genetics resource preservation center of Hubei Province and Human genetics resource preservation center of Wuhan University were established.

Approved by National Health Commission of China, zhongnan is first qualified hospital for DCD (Donation after Cardiac Death) operation in May, 2012 with top operation volume across Hubei Province. In Dec. 24, 2018, it was granted “National Demonstration Center of Clinical Teaching Training”.

The hospital has initiated medical service pre-registration in Hubei and payment of QR code scanning via Wechat and Alipay which are applied through the whole process of medical service. It has brought the utmost experience of convenience and efficiency to the patients.

The hospital is active in Healthcare Reform facilitating quality medical resources shared around. It has set up a medical treatment web with 40 grassroots hospitals and established partnership with remote areas such as Henan and Xinjiang province. It has also enhanced the platforms of imaging, laboratory, pathology in communities.

With philosophy of “Patient-oriented, Striver-based” , the hospital boasts distinguished medical scientists such as Prof. Gui Xi’en and Prof. Zhou Yunfeng. 

The hospital has established partnerships with hospitals and medical institutions in France, US, UK, Germany, Canada, Australia and Netherlands. French President Jacques René Chirac andtwo Prime Ministers visited the hospital. Cooperated with the university of Lorrain, the hospital has carried out student exchange program and 8-year education of clinical medicine.

2. Departments

(1) Nephrology

(2) *Cardiovascular Dept.

(3) Respiratory Medicine

(4) Oncology

(5) Gastroenterology

(6) Endocrinology

(7) Hematology

(8) *Emergency

(9) Geriatrics

(10) *Orthopaedics

(11) *Gastrointestinal Surgery

(12) Urology

(13) Institute of Hepatobiliary Disease (Transplantation)

(14) Thyroid Breast Surgery

(15) Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery

(16) Colorectal and Anal Surgery

(17) *Neurosurgery

(18) *Cardio-Thoracic Surgery

(19) Plastic Surgery

(20) *Anesthesia

(21) *ICU (Intensive Care Unit)

(22) Gynecological Oncology

(23) *Gynecology

(24) Obstetrics

(25) Reproductive Medicine Center

(26) *Pediatrics

(27) Ophthalmology

(28) Stomatology

(29) E.N.T (Ear, Nose, Throat)

(30) *Neurology

(31) Dermatology

(32) Rehabilitation

(33) *Infection

(34) TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)

(35) Pain Management

(36) Allergic Reaction

(37) *Radiology (Medical Imaging)

(38) Pathology

(39) *Clinical Lab

(40) *Blood transfusion

(41) *Pharmacy (day/night)

(42) Physical Examination Center

(43) Medical forensics

(44) Holistic Care Center

(45) Ultrasonography

(46) Nuclear medicine

 (* specialties requested)  


3. Contact

Address: 169, Donghu Rd., Wuchang Dist., Wuhan, Hubei, China

Tel: 027-67812892
Fax: 027-67812892